Business Owners Insurance

Today’s rapid, competitive business world has made risk a common term-perhaps so common that some companies forget merely operating from day to day is a potential hazard. The things that are easily taken for granted can become the most damaging sources of loss without warning. Can you afford to lose your computer databases? Your billing records? What about the building you work from? The importance of these assets demonstrates the value of our Business Owners insurance plan, which sets the protective foundation for Media Insure’s complete risk management package.

Unlike many “one size fits all” insurance offerings, we recognize that the advertising industry has particular demands in protecting hard-earned success. As a result, Media Insure’s Business Owners plan is crafted around the most universal perils for companies like yours. However, we also understand that your advertising agency breaks the industry mold in many different ways, which is why our insurance plans are personally tailored and customizable over time.


Media Liability Insurance

As you already know, creativity is advertising’s lifeblood. But while this asset is invaluable in growing your agency’s business, it also has no definite shape, tends to build on the past, and is entirely subjective. For advertising agencies, these characteristics can be a source of unthinkable legal stress.

For even the most careful agency, a slight line of copy or an innocent-looking image can jumpstart a devastating financial loss from anyone who interprets them in a different way. So even though your advertising agency cannot compete without a constant stream of creativity, that resource can abruptly become a risk capable of endangering everything you have worked for.

In response to this problem, Media Insure specializes in crafting extensive protection for your creativity, whatever form it may take. This type of insurance is called Advertising Agency Liability, and it can give your business a new sense of confidence in the work you do-even in the face of costly and drawn-out litigation.


Employment PracticeLiability Insurance

As an intricate piece of Media Insure’s total insurance package, our Employment Practices Liability plan protects your agency from what is often the most unlikely opponent-itself. The need for this kind of protection becomes all too clear in view of current trends, as employment practice lawsuits have been instigated at a dangerous pace over past years.

One of the major problems with Employment Practices charges is their abstract nature-lawsuits may arise in the workplace not because there was any planned harm, but simply because the people involved had different perceptions of discrimination and sexual harassment. As a consequence, these incidents are difficult for any company to avoid, despite the best of intentions.

Since employees are your agency’s most important resource, protecting them alongside the company with our Employment Practices Liability coverage is a sound strategy.