Today’s rapid, competitive business world has made risk a common term-perhaps so common that some companies forget merely operating from day to day is a potential hazard. The things that are easily taken for granted can become the most damaging sources of loss without warning. Can you afford to lose your computer databases? Your billing records? What about the building you work from? The importance of these assets demonstrates the value of our Business Owners insurance plan, which sets the protective foundation for Media Insure’s complete risk management package.

Unlike many “one size fits all” insurance offerings, we recognize that the advertising industry has particular demands in protecting hard-earned success. As a result, Media Insure’s Business Owners plan is crafted around the most universal perils for companies like yours. However, we also understand that your advertising agency breaks the industry mold in many different ways, which is why our insurance plans are personally tailored and customizable over time.

Our Business Owners protection can be broken down into two complementary elements. The first is Property Insurance, which covers your agency’s buildings and the important assets inside from physical damage, theft, and other threats. The second, Liability Insurance, protects your agency when it is responsible for property damage or personal injury on another’s premises.


Here you will find more in-depth information regarding Media Insure’s Business Owners plan, including claims coverage definitions, policy benefits and service features. If you still have questions after going over the materials below, please consult the FAQ, contact us here, or call our toll-free number, 1-800-414-2929.

Property and liability coverage for the following items:

  1. 1
    Accounts Receivable

    Your agency cannot collect outstanding billings because of lost or damaged account records.

  2. 2
    Buildings and personal property

    Your agency needs to repair or replace your buildings or other items like furniture or fixtures after they are damaged by a fire or something else that your insurance covers.

  3. 3
    Business income interruption

    Your agency needs to retain its normal rate of earnings after it is shut down for an extended period of time.

  4. 4
    Computers and media

    Your agency’s hardware or software systems are crippled by physical loss or damage, computer viruses, or data loss.

  5. 5
    Employee dishonesty

    Your agency’s employees commit fraudulent acts in connection with company finances or property.

  6. 6
    Fine arts

    Your agency wants to protect its private collection of valuable items such as paintings and sculptures.

  7. 7

    Your agency suffers a loss as a result of unlawful alterations made to checks, bank drafts or credit card receipts.

  8. 8
    Newly acquired property

    Your agency wants to protect its buildings that are either recently completed or still under construction.

  9. 9
    Property of others

    Your agency accidentally damages another’s property while in your care.

    This can include leased or rented items such as computers, copy machines, and telephone systems.

  10. 10
    Property off-premises

    Your agency needs to repair or replace business property that is located away from your main location.

  11. 11

    Your agency’s business property is lost or damaged while being transported from one location to another.

  12. 12
    Valuable papers and records

    Your agency’s most important documents are lost or damaged and need to be restored.

  13. 13
    Bodily injury

    Your agency is held responsible for an individual’s physical injury or mental anguish.

  14. 14
    Employment benefits

    Your agency acts negligibly or makes errors or omissions in managing its employee benefits programs.

  15. 15
    Fire, lightning and explosion

    Your agency is contractually obligated to pay for fire, lightning, or explosion damage to your leased premises.

  16. 16
    Property damage

    Your agency must pay for damages to someone else’s property.

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Initial protection can be enhanced in customizable, economical ways with Stretch endorsements

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Optional blanket limits of up to $350,000 that apply to a combination of Property Insurance coverages, instead of having a set insurance limit for each coverage

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Aggregate limits of up to $4,000,000 that covers liability claims over a one-year period, regardless of the number of individual losses that may occur

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Access to teams of risk management experts who offer educational information on how to protect your agency and prevent losses

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Flexible payments plans that help to meet your cash flow needs, including automatic deductions from your checking account at no extra charge

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Standard property insurance deductible of $250 with options of $500, $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 available

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Worldwide coverage for valuable property during business travel, including laptop computers

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Superior service from a nationwide network of professional claims personnel focused on efficiently handling your claims

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No charge for certificate of insurance

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Quick, simplified application process